Tulum Beaches

The best beaches in Tulum

Marvel at the beauty of the Tulum beaches. The Caribbean Sea with its turquoise and crystalline water tones reach the fine white sands creating a unique paradisiacal environment where everyone would like to get lost. The best thing about Tulum’s beaches is that they remain untouched and away from the hustle and bustle of the Cancun area or other more saturated tourist spots.

Tulum has about 9 km of coastline, completely covered with various accommodations. Unlike the large resorts that flood almost the entire area, small boutique hotels and cabins abound here. All beaches are public although to enter some areas you have to go through a club or hotel. There are two beaches:

The beach of the ruins

To access this beach you must enter the archaeological site of Tulum and pay the entrance, which is not more than 40 pesos ($ 4 or about € 3). It is worth it because in addition to taking a walk through the Mayan ruins you can go to one of the most impressive beaches in the world. In very few places can you take a bath in crystal clear waters while observing the Mayan ruins at the top of the cliffs. It gives a touch of mystery to the beach.

It is not a very long beach. The white sands merge with the vegetation. There are rocks dotted along the shoreline and it has a little swell, which makes the waters a bit rough on the shore. Another thing in its favor is that since most visitors enter through the ruins, they are not very crowded.

Boca Paila

Just south of the beach in the ruins of Tulum is Boca Paila, a beach that has also managed to escape the tourist development that predominates in many of the other beaches of the Riviera Maya. Virgin beauty is only clouded by a cabin where you can have a drink or buy something to eat. There are also small hotels that do not alter the landscape. It is such a private beach that many go nude. There are also cabins for the rental of aquatic equipment. It is the ideal place for a long walk while looking for curious lakes, coral remains or marine stones.

Boca Paila is 15 minutes from the entrance of Tulum. Because it is a protected area, it is not inhabited and does not have any type of service, so you must be prepared with everything you need to spend a day at the beach.

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