The Sian Ka’an Reserve

Protected natural space that is located on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987.

How to get?

To enter the Sian Ka’an reserve, there are five entrances that you can use although the most common is the Tulum one. The entrance of the reserve is 30 minutes from Tulum Pueblo by car, following the road of the hotel zone that borders the sea.

The Sian Ka’an Reserve (in Mayan): Sian Ka’an, ‘gate of heaven’‘ place where heaven begins

30 years after its decree, it is a success story in conservation. It has a system of underground freshwater rivers that interconnect the cenotes and the Petenes, unique in the Yucatan Peninsula and the world; This is the most important capital.

In addition to being one of the areas with unique landscape beauty, it is of great importance to the region and the world for the environmental services it provides, such as the Carbon reservoirs found in mangroves.

The area is home to incredible biodiversity: red, black, white and gray mangroves where many marine and terrestrial species live.

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Go through the
Transition zone: areas with the highest degree of human intervention and transit.
Visit the
Buffer zone: the area around the nucleus open to visitors and activities.

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