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I really feel sad for you, and I am sure all the Serbs who read your stupid posts. You know, it’s one thing for us Serbs to disagree, but when we are presenting ourselves in front of a wide audience of people from all over the world, we should be united about our country. When Tudjman aggressed serbs in Kraijna, HV and HVO had soldiers against the frew but in anycase corageous serb soldiers of Kraijna drived by Milan Martic and obviously croats winned in only two days. in the first days of war, Tudjman send his police in 10 elicopters to fight against serbs of Kraijna who were revolted for the declaration of independence of Croatia. When Belgrade knew Tudjman’s intetnions, it send two MIG 21 who quickly arrived near these elicopters and advertised croat police that if they attack serbs civilians of Kraijna they were destroyed.

  • Using 1 decimeter as a point of reference, this may help.
  • Its effectiveness will also depend on the availability of information on hazards, emergency risks, and the countermeasures to be taken.
  • They are the most corrupt, filthy race to ever plague our nation and the Balkans.
  • The calculator does automatic interpolation calculation for density or concentration values that are between those in the table.
  • Serbia gave the most because Kosovo was part of it – where do you think all those powerplants, roads, buidlings and state owned factories came from.
  • If a recommended ration is provided on a dry matter basis, and it contains feeds that vary significantly in moisture content, how much of each ingredient needs to be fed?

Is the equilibrium conversion of synthesis gas to methane favored at higher or lower temperatures? Products are favored with higher temperatures and lower pressures. Suggest, stating a reason, how the addition of a catalyst at constant pressure and temperature will affect the equilibrium concentration of \(__\).

Step 1: Locate Molarity visit this url And Liters Of Solution

So that as a motivation and you should blame others. So for me, an Aryan person, is somebody with a high IQ, well proportioned facial features and a mesomorphic body. There can be races where a majority of people contain these characteristics, such as Germans or Scandanavians or Russians, but for me it is down to the individual. I can’t remember who said Albanians are tall, unfortunately you are not, and your people are very ugly. You can call yourselves Aryan or whatever you want but to me you look a lot like Iraqis or Turks, and I have never met or seen a pretty Albanian woman, they are all distgustingly ugly. I have never played volleyball properly, to be honest basketball is my sport, and of course as with every normal european boy soccer is also what I love.

Do similar for b), working out the number of moles of butene in 20cm3 etc. This is a limiting reactant question, but again assume all volumes are measured at the same temperature and pressure. or a mole ratio, which applies to anything in the equation, whether , or . These calculations only apply to gaseous reactants or products AND if they are all at the same temperature and pressure. Moles and the molar volume of a gas, Avogadro’s Lawbefore working through this page.

Could Not Find Your Unit?

For Ethernet interfaces, you can optionally use hardware timing to assist in the timestamping of received ETH-DM frames to increase the accuracy of delay measurements. Stored in the CFM database of the MEP responding to a two-way frame delay measurement. Stored in the CFM database of the MEP initiating a two-way frame delay measurement. Number of delay measurement message PDU frames sent to the peer MEP in this session. Stored in the CFM database of the MEP receiving a one-way frame delay measurement. Stored in the CFM database of the MEP initiating a one-way frame delay measurement.

A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to 1/1000th of a liter. Does really exist since 1996? We launched the first version of our online units converter in 1995. There was no JavaScript there and all conversions had to be done on server. A year later the technology allowed us to create an instant units conversion service that became the prototype of what you see now. The traditional English apothecaries’ system defines weights, not volumes.

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