Knowledge Base – New Hacks On ROSEGAL On Android You Should Try (Updated).

As far as I know the items are shipped from China and that’s where the company is located. Everything said previously regarding fit and quality definitely persists with this company. After days of back and forth with customer service, I accepted that talking to them was a dead end and filed a complaint and claim with PayPal, then wrote a review here. The customer service rep offered me a refund before PayPal forced their hand because they wanted me to change my review. So yes, SheInside will refund your money, but not because they’re responsible vendors, they will refund you because they’re forced to.

Online shopping can be a great way to score some serious deals, but sadly, girls are now getting scammed by websites that promote cheap clothes, but don’t follow through. All reviews are screenshots from and are representative of the company’s overall reviews and have not been cherry picked. These companies are some of the most popular doing this, but they are not the only ones. There appears to be a large trend of companies of this sort using targeted Facebook ads to exploit millennial women looking for fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Many reviewers claim to have reported the companies discussed to the FTC, but the FTC has not returned our request for information regarding complaints and investigations of the companies.

Stores Like Shein For Affordable & Fashionable Clothing

Most complaints brought up the fact that the companies make it nearly impossible for you to reach them and/or stop answering you eventually. The deals these sites are promising are unbeatable—a single ad might advertise $9.99 dresses, 50 percent off your first order and free and/or 24-hour shipping. We discovered, however, that while the sale prices are real, the clothes aren’t always.

The company used it in a post to its Facebook page. RoseGal is linked to the same Shenzhen-listed company, which is owned by one of China’s richest men. First, eShakti supports only a few countries, and shipping costs come out as relatively high. eShakti is a go-to destination for custom women clothing.

Eshakti Dresses:

Once you have placed an order, check out this information you should not change your billing or shipping address information. If you want to make a change, please contact our Customer Service Department at as soon as possible during the order processing stage to indicate your request. Our Sales Department will reply to you with a quotation. Please note that the larger the order, the more postage you will save.

  • In fact, they have marked up the price weird high and still making handsome profits after discount.
  • When you’re nursing a minor fashion addiction, cheap clothes are your savior.
  • In the mean time two weeks goes by still no dress.
  • Right click and paste your copied code in the text box and click on apply.
  • Despite reading countless reviews on how shitty this company is, I decided to try it.

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