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Documents found in a new filing on the Director’s Guild of Canada website have revealed that the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie 2 is due to enter production in March 2021 and is codenamed Emerald Hill. The studio listed is Red Energy Films and they currently have a 20 million dollar budget. Paramount had previously announced that they were working on a sequel to the immensely popular Sonic the Hedgehog Movie back in April 2020. Hopefully more details will be shared soon by Paramount. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had been discussed as a possibility for several months, but Variety has learned that Paramount Pictures has given the green light to the project. Jeff Fowler is returning to direct the sequel, and Pat Casey and Josh Miller are re-teaming to pen the script.

FOr now this is just Sonic and Knuckles 3 with a new Sonic character design. Ohshima credited Sonic’s cool “get it done” attitude to former President Bill Clinton, as Sonic’s mission in the first few games is to free woodland creatures from capture. No plot details were revealed, and the project is still in development, so no casting or production start date has been set in stone. However, a post-credits scene for “Sonic the Hedgehog” teased the arrival of one of Sonic’s best friends and partners in the video game, Tails, a fox with the ability to use its two tails as a propeller to fly.

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As Robotnik threatens Tom to reveal where Sonic is, Sonic shows himself and begs Robotnik to spare Tom, eliciting a terrified scream from Robotnik. Seizing the opportunity, Tom punches Robotnik and knocks him out cold, and after a short battle in the house with one of Robotnik’s drones, Tom and Sonic escape the house in Tom’s car. Agent Stone arrives to check on Robotnik, who berates him for not trying to stop the fugitives, states their objective of capturing Sonic for examination, and tells him to bring the quill. Meanwhile, Tom is on the phone with Maddie, who has flown out to San Francisco to check out their future house, as well as to visit her sister Rachel and niece Jojo. As Tom tells Maddie about the blackout, he hears a disturbance and sees his trash can toppled over.

Just what these mini-games will be is yet to be seen, so SEGA fans will just have to wait until next week to find out what SEGA has planned. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is currently free on Steam, while a number of iconic Sonic titles and otherSEGAgames are on sale for a limited time only. The Steam sale is in celebration of Sega’s whopping 60-year anniversary, a milestone not many companies can claim.

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Meanwhile at Sega, I fail to see the lesson has been learned. @mist Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s never been an 8-bit Sonic game, has there? Mario and Mega Man were certainly alive and kicking in the 8-bit era, but I think Sonic was a generation late to the party. Maybe just disband sonic team and let other studios have a go?

  • Factor in how Sonic the Hedgehog is the highest grossing video game film adaptation domestically , and it makes sense that Paramount is eager to move forward with Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Getting hit without a Ring costs a life and makes the player restart from the beginning of the current Act.
  • The first movie ended with a sequel tease that showed Sonic the Hedgehog video game character Tails, Sonic’s frequent sidekick, make the jump from his world to the “real world” looking for Sonic.
  • The Kingdom of Acorn, based within the city of Mobotropolis, was at war with an unseen enemy.
  • After 256× frames worth of time has passed, “shooting mode” is toggled.
  • Since defeating Jet, Sonic has kept a more relaxed and tolerant attitude towards Jet, taking his insults and rash determination to beat him in stride.

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