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How you phrase your navigation options depends on the type of business or organization you are. You can opt for straight-forward, or experiment with more creative labels. What’s most important to keep in mind when choosing the words to use in your main navigation links is to think first about the terms your customers would use to describe those pages. If your marketing analytics software provides it, attribution reporting is perfect for deciding what should go into your main navigation. Here’s a look at some of the sample reports available in HubSpot’s attribution reporting tool. With all of the pages on your website it can be hard to determine which are important enough to be part of the universal navigation.

This time around, it is bringing some changes in the user interface of its in-car navigation system, and surprisingly, Google did not go far beyond for inspiration. The new changes in the user interface closely resemble the Android Auto app by Google. It is not sure whether Google is going to eventually merge the app and the feature on Maps, or if this is just an expansion of Android Auto.

Technology Ignites The Golden Age Of Sailing Ships

This is contrasted with 19.2% who indicated “yes” they could. The impact this has on their ability to find their way is unknown. Over a quarter of respondents used a paper map only due to the special circumstances of the area being traversed, for they were either hiking/skiing maps or museum/event/tourist maps.

  • (Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) This tip applies to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013.
  • If you want every item you upload on the desktop—even PDFs—to convert to text you can edit as a Google Doc, go to Google Drive on the desktop, click the cog icon () up top and select Settings.
  • Right-click and choose Cut or click 2GIS Cut on the Home tab under Clipboard.
  • GIS technology gives researchers the ability to examine the variations in Earth processes over days, months, and years.

For example, you can move the Tasks and Notes view buttons before the People view button. At this time the only solution is to turn the pane back on from the View tab, Folder Pane button. You can try using the keyboard shortcut Alt+F1 to cycle through on, off, and minimized, but some of the affected users said it didn’t work. Give your group a name—we’ve gone with “Work”—and then hit Enter.


Soon, other organizations began asking for geospatial services. The AAG has compiled this is archive of journal articles, press releases, and other media exploring the topic of real-time interactive GPS/GIS technology between 1990 and 1998. Search for and order earth science data products from NASA and affiliated centers.

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