How To: New Hacks On LINE TV On Android You Should Try | Unlock It.

The screen replacement will be expensive so look around to find the cheapest. Possibly call a local screen repair service and get a quote to see if it is worth fixing. If your Samsung TV was cracked when you took it out of the box, then it was damaged in shipping.

Could someone please tell me what app this icon circled in green goes with? It appears to be a “history” symbol yet I don’t know of anything that supports that. It was located on the left side of the screen. At the time, this phone did have VPNs and private browsers installed yet there seems to be no correlation. The information from the dropdown notification bar no longer exists. I don’t even have time to do anything and do not have time to take a screenshot.

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When I was gonna get up from bed, I accidentally stepped on my laptop because I put it down my bed before I went to sleep the night before. I immediately opened my laptop after I realized that I stepped on it. When I opened it, it was fine but when I opened it in the afternoon to use it, I noticed some short purple and green lines on the left of the screen when I was watching. I can’t see it on a static screen but it shows whenever I watch or during a video.

Replace the screen with a cheap replacement or have an estimate by calling a local TV screen repair service. Check with a flashlight and look at the screen from an angle to be sure. It looks just like someone shot a hole through the glass. However, there is no physical damage at all – the screen is intact, and it hasn’t been hit by anything. There is also what looks like a star-shaped puncture, with irregular sliver lines radiating out from it.

G, E And H Icons

If you download LINE TV apk see vert lines only, it may be a component in your TV that was damaged. You could unplug, and open up the TV and check to be sure all boards look okay inside the TV. A component such as a capacitor may have been damaged when the toy hit the screen. You most likely have a bad screen but in some rare cases simply changing out a board or a cap on a board can fix this issue.

  • Use the other TV to make one good working TV.
  • That’s something I show you how to do in the first part of this article.
  • I search all about status bar icon, still not find the correct one.
  • But sexual pleasure isn’t as cut-and-dry as you may think.
  • If you do find one cheap enough, yes a local TV repair shop should be willing to install it for you with labor charges tacked on.

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